How to Save on Florida RV Insurance

Florida is home to thousands of RV parks. In fact, you may say that Florida is a paradise for RV goers. The popularity of RV owners has definitely increased over the past few years. How can you protect yourself? You will need to purchase Florida RV insurance!

Recreational vehicles are expensive to purchase. They are for sure a big investment. You need to purchase a policy that covers you against any accidents that arise. Just one accident can easily add up and cost you thousands in repairs. If you drive your RV out on the road, you will need to fully understand the requirements.

In order to register your RV, you will need to provide proof of insurance according to Listed below are the minimum liability insurance requirements in Florida. Florida actually has some of the lowest minimum liability compared to the rest of the US. Consider purchasing additional coverage if you think you will need it. Accidents can easily drain you financially.

• $10,000 bodily injury liability

• $20,000 bodily injury liability per accidents for all persons

• $10,000 property damage liability

Florida RV insurance will provide you with several different options of coverage. In addition, most providers will be able to help you build your own policy to help best fit your needs. A basic policy will be able to cover liability, collision, comprehensive, and full tier coverage.

Discounts that can lower your rates

There are quite a few ways you can save on Florida RV insurance. You can definitely save the most by qualifying for a few discounts. Be sure to familiarize yourself with these discounts and ask your agent if you qualify for any. Here are a few examples of discounts that you can receive when it comes to your policy.

• Multi-policy

• Pay in full

• Responsible driver

• Original driver

• Claim Free

• Paperless

In addition to discounts, always be sure to shop and compare quotes. Collecting quotes at can easily help you save on your Florida RV insurance policy. It’s quite easy to do and one of the most used methods when it comes to saving money on a policy. So why not get started today? Protecting your RV is important and so is saving as much money as possible!