The Bergen County Jail Tour

The Bergen County Jail Experience

“Chamber members visit Bergen County Jail”


Chamber members getting ready to start their tour with Sheriff Trella


State of the Art Video Conferencing enables inmates to be tried for other offenses without change of venue.  This camera will enable the prisoner to be tried and convicted of other crimes in other areas of New Jersey without having to leave Hackensack.  Prior to this technology, an inmate had to be driven to the location where he was to be tried.  He would be accompanied by a minimum of two officers.  This could be an all day event, given the time it would take to go to the new location, await the trial and the return trip.   The trip would be provided at the expense of the tax payer.   Now, the inmate is taken to a video conference room within the Hackensack County Jail and is tried while the accusing location is on the other end of the video connection.   A tremendous reduction in man hours, officer safety and taxpayer money is to benefit.


Sheriff Trella talks about the new cell block soon to be opened at the Jail.  This area, like the rest of the areas in the prison , is a state-of-the-art block.  There is one officer in the enclosed round-about you see in the picture and at least one guard on the floor.   In the Bergen County Jail, there is always a guard in the middle of the population.   In this picture, to the right of the clock, is the camera.  This camera has the ability to see all areas of the block.  The black box on the left between the two floors is a TV.  There are two TV’s in the block


Chamber members stand outside the prison with Sheriff Trella after the tour.   We all learned a lot and thank the Sheriff and his staff for a very informative and eye-opening tour.